“Bayugan City Scenery.!


Bayugan City is one of those peaceful and simple place part of Agusan Del Sur. Maybe for those people don’t know the existence of Bayugan they can say that the place have a lot of MILF or etc.Well we can’t blame people because when you say Mindanao their mindset is that place  is a mess because of MILF issues. Bayugan City now is out of danger by the leadership of City Mayor Kim Lope A. Asis. From a simple municipality before turn into a city which is until now it under development.I wonder why people choose to leave Bayugan if we are capable to provide those things they needed.If they want to send their children into a nice school we have Bayugan National Comprehensive High School which gives the students need and make sure that before they graduate they will learn lots of information. If they want to continue college the Agusan del Sur College open many courses. Although it’s private institution but they assure you that it’s affordable. Also if you enroll at Bayugan school it’s less expenses and you can’t get homesick. One of the tourist spot in Bayugan is  they called Top view which is located at the Sta. Irene. If you are stressed you can unwind their and smell the fresh air while looking the wide and beauty  of city. It’s really relaxing place!

While typing these article the flashback come out of my mind.

One of my friend ask me if what are the improvements of Bayugan City now.Then I answered,”If you come back again in Bayugan you love to stay rather than to leave your townhouse because Bayugan City now is in a big change from the simple infrastructure into amazing specially when you pass the Rotunda.The government put a fountain in the center and removed the old waiting shed. Many bayuganon now love to roam around,dancing zumba and jog.Many youth hang outs there together with their friends to take selfie because of the nice surroundings. There are lots of scenery in Bayugan City that we’re not yet go. So what are we waiting for? Take tour here in Bayugan City Agusan Del Sur.

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